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Thank you ... Cleveland?

I don’t actually believe it – just the other day I found out about a fun, free product teams give away to fans from a friend on Facebook entitled: FAN PACKS. With this new knowledge, I immediately sat down and drafted a letter and then emailed it out to over 40 teams in the hopes that I would receive a couple of pocket schedules, as well as other items that they chose to send. That was on Jan. 5, 2013.

My initial replies came within the first 5 days I found out about Fan Packs.

But before I go on, for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, fan packs are the ‘gifts’ that teams give out to those who write in and ask for them. Often, they include a variety of things – from letters and pictures to schedules and key chains. For the record, I wrote an article about fan packs previously, and you can access that article by clicking here (or you can see the article listed below on this page).

With that in mind, it’s now been about 5+ weeks since I first sent in my requests, and so far I have received information from about a dozen teams.

The first two teams to respond were the Cleveland Indians and Buffalo Bills. Not only do I want to publically thank them for their ‘gifts’, but I also want to thank the USPO – why? Well, let’s be realistic – I live just outside San Francisco and my request was made just before a weekend, and quite frankly, I figured it would take a couple of weeks before my first “packets” started rolling in. No way – it took only 3 business days!

With that out of the way, here is what I received in the two packets:

Fan Packs – is this for real?


Fan Packs – is this for real?

The other day on Facebook, I was turned on to something that I thought you all might be interested in: Fan Packs.

This turn on started innocently – I was posting stuff on a baseball card page in an effort to find other people to trade pocket schedules with, when someone IMed me and said that they not only had stuff to trade (yea!!), but just as importantly, they knew where I could get a TON OF FREE STUFF and all I had to do was send an email!

Skeptical, I asked what a fan pack was, how I could get one, and if this person had ever done anything with them before. They said yes they had gotten many from team, and that these packs include a variety of stuff – from pocket schedules to cards, from sample magazines and articles to discounts for tickets.

Interested, I asked him to please send me the link(s). After I few minutes, I received this URL:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&cad=b

Clicking on it, I was taken to a google search page with lists of Fan Pack information. As I scrolled down the page, I noticed a variety of intriguing listings for “free Sports Fan Packs”. At this point, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the first one. When I did, I saw long lists of sports teams to write to. Most had their email addresses, while some had websites I had to visit. Not being a shy guy, and yes, since email is free, I said, what the hell – and composed a letter and started sending out requests.

The letter I wrote was short and sweet. It simply said that I was a fan, wanted a fan pack, and asked that it be sent to my home address. I also gave them my email address and asked to be put on their mailing list (which is what they really want).


I'm Spending Dodger Green!


The other day I posted a story about getting free pocket schedules from teams, especially the Dodgers (for your free schedules, please click here)

If you know me, you would know that the Dodgers are unloved by me and the rest of my family - - -  hell, I'm a  Northern California Boy - and just can't love those Southerners for a variety of reasons, including the fact that my  parents are from Brooklyn, and my father was a Giants fan until they day he died (so he brain washed me). 

Other reasons include the  fact that I am an A's fan, and I can't get that lousy  Kirk Gibson home run against future Hall of Famer to be Dennis Eckersly (the Eck man) out of my mind.  Now I understand that the home run is part of the game's history, but if you are unlucky enough to have to call the Dodger organization once or twice a year for business, you would know that they add insult to injury because they play the &^%$#@ recording of the call/play when they put you on hold!!!   

With those basic reasons in mind, once I found out that they give away free pocket schedules, I developed a mission and hope that you'll join me on my crusade - for my reasons or your own  - and that's to  spend as much Dodger green  as possible this year, and do it like me, little by little -  by nickels and dimes ... asking for free pocket schedules!

In my mind, that will get them for all those brawls, insults and years of agony that I had to sit through at places like Candlestick Park.

And now that they were purchased by Magic Johnson and the gang, I would expect that they'll be spending and spending and spending to increase the Dodger brand and image, especially if they are to recapture the $2 billion they spent for the team. So, once I am done with this post, I'm going to get my share by signing up for another set or two. Hell, I might just do it once a week for the rest  of the season!!

Anyway, the purpose of this posting is two fold: after I posted the last story, I said, hey, let's see if we can get another set or two - and decided to sign up again - and guess what?

Yep - another set of schedules came today, and here is the envelope and schedules to  prove it!

Spam, Scams and Crap


Dear Friends;

I just wanted  to let you all know three things....

First, this site has been hacked - or  spammed - what ever you want to call it (apparently I had the wrong settings in place). As such, not only were stories changed (just slightly), but people have placed 'comments on dozens of pages' that are for 

products I do not support, endorse  or know anything about. Over the next few days, they will be eliminated - but in the mean time, please do not click on any of the links in the comment section - I don't know where they will take you, what they do, or what kind of malware they download onto your computer.

Second, this unfortunate incident has caused me to alter the site's permissions - not only did I have to delete every user on the list, but had to lock down the site. To the average person, that doesn't mean much - to those who are using the site and helping me with this project, that means you will have to call me - or email  me - and have me reinstate your access to the site (I would just do it,  but I want you to create new passwords). 

Finally, because of what this site is accommplishing - and yes to block  spammers - I am instituting a new policy - if you would like to have access to the site, you need to call me (or email me personally) and I'll create an account for you. 


Free Dodger Schedules! Blech (yea?)


When I got home for lunch today, I went straight to the mailbox, and started to sort through my mail. As I started throwing the junk mail in the round file, I noticed two funny looking envelopes.

Picking them out of the pile, I noticed that they were heavy, lopsided and printed in "Blue and Red" (on white envelopes). Reviewing the envelope, I noticed in the upper left hand corner that it not only said Los Angeles Dodgers on it, but it had their blue and red logo.... and thats when this Northern California - die hard A's fan  - smiled - broadly  - why?

Well, besides the fact that I grew up hating LA (I am a good SF boy), about 3 months ago I went to the Dodgers website and signed up for some 'free schedules'. Since I didn't think they would ever show up, I simply put it out of my mind - that is of course, until  today!

Now mind you, I am far from being a Dodger fan - hell, the picture on the front cover of this year's schedule, looks like Kirk Gibson swinging for the fences against Dennis Eckersly - and it turns my stomach - blech -  lol... but, I did get ten of the schedules from the team I LOVE to HATE! So after all these years of anguish and hatred, I finally got something FREE from the Dodgers - those losers from down south.

As such, I want to take this opportunity to give you the direct link to the  Dodger site - why? Well, I want you to also take advantage of this program, besides, it only seems fitting to make them pay for all the years of hardship that I have had  to endure at their hands, and if I can do it one envelope at a time - the better. YEA!

I have seen two other teams with this program - both of whom I am waiting for them to send schedules. The two others are the Kansas City RoyalsMinnesota Twins and the Chicago Bulls. When (and if) they send me the schedules I signed up for, you will read about it here... and if they don't, you will read about it here also.

In the mean time, I have 10 of the schedules pictured on the right - sponsored by MasterCard (as opposed to the Miller Lite one's being sold on Ebay for $2 each).

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