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Hello: Thank you very much for stopping by - we hope you enjoy your visit! So you know, you are visiting the world's only interactive website dedicated to the collection of Sports Pocket Schedules at the professional, semi professional and amateur levels. This interactive site was created for four reasons:

Next, I want you to know two things about the database that is running this site.

If you are interested in submitting material, simply make an account for yourself, log in and post away (FYI: I will be personally notified of the posts, review them, and then approve of your posting - for submission to be accepted, your schedules must include both sides of the schedule, be placed in the right categories, and include a short narrative so they can be sorted in the database and thus be ready for viewing). If that's a problem, you can send your stuff to me, and I'll take care of it. My email is (I know its a corny name, but I wanted this to be on a separate email account as opposed to my regular business) Either way you go, when you submit something, you will hear from me personally! Thanks - I look forward to hearing from, and trading with, you. Michael Ross

1) Create Official Check Lists: By posting collected and missing schedules, we'll eventually create a master list of all pocket schedules ever published! (That means if you have something that we don't, please send it our way and we'll not only post it, but give you recognition for contribution!)

2) Sharing & Collecting News: In a hobby without boundaries, we hope to not only post the latest and greatest on industry news, but will catalog it, saving it for future generations to read.

3) Discussions: Discussing topics of interest to pocket schedule collectors - the who, what, when and where of collecting pocket schedules. This can include everything from your personal history about a schedule, team or event, as well as specific, known background or history of the schedule itself. By getting this type of information, I hope that we will not only bring more people into the hobby, but provide missing sports history.

4) Interaction Between Users (Trades): I hope this site becomes the Google of pocket schedules where you come to not just find what your collection is missing, but more importantly, to fill your want lists by trading with other collectors. Along the way, as we grow, we'll produce articles, post newsletters and help promote the hobby with help from the industry that produces them - professional sports. This site will also be open to those in collector's clubs.

  • First, you will be able to sort and review schedules in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

    • sport

    • league

    • team

    • colors (team)

    • year

    • player

    • size (panel numbers)

  • Second, this is a graphically intensive website and as such, please be patient because it might take a few extra seconds for the page and scanned schedule to load (each schedule has 3 scans - the logo panel, the full front and the full back.



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