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I'm Excited About Our Next Phase!

About what you ask?

About this: I just had a module put in that will allow me to categories all of the scans that are being made - and I FINALLY get to see my site come to life - YEA!

Because of this module, I hope that you personally will see a big difference in this site over the next couple of weeks - not only will it be 'alive and kicking,' but more importantly, it will start fulfilling the function I have for it: To catalog Pocket Schedules!

In total I have about 2100 different 'schedules,' (my collection grew in between the last blog posting and this one), which I am sure just scratches the surface of the total pocket schedule world.

As such, I could use your help - if you see something that is missing from this collection of scans and want to contribute, please contact me and well get you set up to upload your scans! If you want to help be part of this exciting project, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.




This site has been suspended

Please contact technical support departament.