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Help Wanted!


As you can probably guess, this website is a HUGE undertaking - especially if the goal of documenting the history of sports through pocket schedules is acheived!

As such, I can use your help. How?

Simple, you can register, log in and then either supply the missing scans that i don't  have or send me better scans of the ones that I am currently have.

There are only a couple of rules to participating:

  1. For me to grant you access, you need to establish an account  

  2. If you decide to provide the site with schedules, please  make sure that there are provide me with at least 3 scans of each schedule - the front panel, the inside schedule and the outside panels

  3. Because this is online, each scan only needs to be 100 DPI - remember, the larger the scan, the longer it takes to send and load when viewed!

  4. You can send your scanned schedules to me and I'll   post them, or you can post them yourself after you register and I provide you with access.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me by email or phone at 916.923.2217

I look forward to collectingvwith you!




This site has been suspended

Please contact technical support departament.